What would it take?

Today has become yet another epic day in my life. I was woken up this morning at about 7 am because my phone would not stop ringing with phone calls, emails and text messages. Earlier in the week I had 3 huge events including a 45 minute phone interview with my home town newspaper about my small town girl success after a recent gig with Rock and Roll legend, Paul McCartney.
I figured I would get a noteworthy low profile mention in the entertainment section. When my friends back home posted that it made the front page, I figured they must mean on the entertainment section. When a friend texted me a photo of the front page of the entire news paper, I about fainted!!!
I am sooooooo grateful to all of my amazing friends, family and former classmates for so many congratulatory messages! I love you guys!
I have many exciting plans in the works! I am getting a lot of help from some very successful people in my life to help me write a business plan for an Orlando based Design House and some of the other projects that will allow me share my knowledge, skills, advise, talent, gifts and success with others!
Sewing has always been such a passion in my life and something I have always done to honor and remember my dear grandmother! The moment I committed to following my bliss, earlier this year, so many doors have opened for me!
It is my goal to partner with many talented people I know and have yet to meet, to provide a home for talent, where people can grow, teach, share projects and attract others who seek cutting edge design, fabrication, guidance and resources that can be so hard to find on your own as a designer, seamstress, band or fashionista looking to get noticed or launch your own clothing line!
I am so happy to have so many good people in my life, so much opportunity and so much support!
It all started for me with a simple phrase I began asking over and over… “What would it take…. Fill in the blank” I ask “for my life to exceed my expectations” and it answered me. I asked for friends and people to work with, who love and support me and they were delivered. I asked for opportunity and it knocked on my door.
Imagine, who would you become if money was no object and all obstacles where removed? Take small steps toward becoming who you meant to be, set your goals and go! Replace every negative thought with the positive opposite. Ask what it would take for you to receive everything you need and your prayers will be answered. Define what would be your dream life and start doing things to prepare for that end. It works. I am living proof!



  1. Gina,
    I loved the article in the PJ, it was so cool to hear what you are doing. I applaud your success and remember you fondly, when you talked about how you dressed in high school I could see you clearly!! Best wishes in your career, enjoy!! Debbie Cable


    • Thanks Mrs Cable! When we did those sewing projects in your Home Ec class that has the first and last formal sewing class I’ve ever taken! Everything else has been self taught trial and error ever since and look where it got me!!! Who knew?!


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