How I got into Marilyn Manson’s Pants…

This is a story about calling your shot, being prepared and what amazing opportunities come.

Thursday, June 18th Marilyn Manson was performing at the Hard Rock Live venue in Orlando, FL. Todd, a friend of mine is his Production Manager. He graciously provided me and my friend  with tickets and backstage passes.

Being the mobile A List Wardrobe Seamstress that I am, I let Todd know that I would be bringing my sewing machine, just in case he had anything that need to be altered or repaired. He, at the time, did not have anything, but I decided to bring my stuff anyway. Always Be Prepared!!

As the opening band took the stage, I received a text from Todd saying they had sent some of Marilyn’s stagewear out to be repaired and the local seamstress REALLY messed up the job and he would like me to take a look at it after the show to see if it could be salvaged. I agreed.

During Marilyn’s amazing performance he had a costume change for each song. WOW, that was pretty bad ass and not typical these days in the rock music world. At one point he came out on stage wearing the “DRUGS” Tie, my friend and collaborator on a few projects, Kim “Kylla” Dylla (check her out Kylla Custom Rock Wear, she’s the bomb and aka Vulvatron of GWAR!) had just given him a few days earlier. Most of the stuff I deal with are tours with pop artists and a lot of dancers. I was impressed. He even did a song on stilts. Very cool!

As the show winded down, we met up with Ken,  another friend and client of mine who used to tour with the likes of KISS, Alice Cooper and Stone Temple Pilots among others. Ken had tour credentials and escorted us past the fan and groupie line and down into catering to wait for Todd.

Quite the freak show down there, I must say!! I was under dressed, which doesn’t happen often, shoulda wore my latex and goth boots!!! We tried some of Marilyn’s own Absinthe “MANSINTHE” which we learned he ingests from dawn till dusk. It was pretty interesting. I didn’t want to drink too much of it though, as I still had work to do!!

After chilling with the freaks, we were escorted into the Tour Manager’s office where I was handed a pair of the nicest stretch leather pants I’ve ever seen. They were sent out to have a hole repaired and they came back with a raggedy half assed patch and the highly recommended seamstress, took it upon herself to TAPER THE LEGS of his LEATHER SKINNY JEANS! OMG!! Who does that?? (As soon as I verify her identity, I will post it!! Can you say BLACK BALLED?) When Brian went to put them on for the show, he got stuck in the legs! Wardrobe had to scramble around to find another pair of pants for him to wear STAT! (Sounds like some Bible banger’s sabotage attempt to me!)

I turned them inside out and was relieved to find she had not trimmed the seam and that they could be let out to the original seam. I handed the pants to my friend and asked her to pick all the stitches out with a seam ripper I just happened to have in my pocket. (Don’t tell security, THOSE SLACKERS!!)

As she went to work on the pants, a runner took me out to retrieve my car and mobile sewing gear.  After a fiasco with the back lot at Universal, I finally got through and parked my car next to the tour bus, grabbed my gear and swam past the crew loading out the show.

By the time I returned, my friend had the FUBAR seam opened up, I repaired the hole the conspirator botched and ran his pants through my sewing machine to restore them to their original state.  DAY SAVED!

NOW, Where did that bottle of Mansinthe go?

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 mansons pants



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