Dweezil Zappa’s Pants!


I, like many people in the music business, have a lot of friends on Facebook, despite never having met them. In 2010, I became Facebook friends with Dweezil Zappa.

In April, I set up a page for my Fashion Incubator Design House (www.facebook.com/fashionincubatordh)
One day I got a massage on my page from Dweezil Zappa and about fell off my chair!
I’ve been working wardrobe for A List performers for a couple of years now. As glamorous as it sounds, most of the time I only catch a glimpse of the Artist themselves, the rest of the time I am laundering, ironing, steaming, repairing and altering costumes and stagewear in their backstage dressing room. Although I’ve made costumes for Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber’s dancers, that was basically a contracted sewing job. I didn’t design them, I just sewed them together, per someone else’s direction and then had to find photos of my work later online.
This time, I was finally given a chance to design and sew something from scratch for the Artist them self! It was an amazing opportunity. Dweezil, who lives in California wanted some custom made bellbottoms for his upcoming tour “Zappa plays Zappa”, covering his famous father, Frank Zappa’s album Roxy & Elsewhere.

We emailed back and fourth, I sent him some concept drawings from my Design House Partner’s Gina Renee. We decided we would meet at my Design House during his upcoming visit to Orlando.
When Dweezil and his family arrived in town on vacation, I didn’t want to cut into their family time, so I offered to come to him instead.
My pattern maker Gina Renee and I headed over to the resort where he was staying. We were introduced to his wife Megan, their kids and proceeded to measure him, some of his good fitting jeans and discussed the design further to make sure we were all on the same page.
Gina and I then headed to the fabric store, gathered supplies and then went to work on pulling it all together.
A few days later I coordinated a fitting, again at his hotel. My friend Laura tagged along, as my car was in the shop and I needed a ride. He tried on the pants, we worked out a few adjustments to the design and agreed on details for 2 pairs for the tour.
After altering the pattern, I made the two more pairs of five pocket denim jeans with a flare bottom. When I stitched them together the seam allowance was different. I knew one pair might fit better than the other, but I had a friend in LA who I knew could fix them if needed.
I sent the pants and indeed one pair was off. I was working wardrobe for Bruno Mars at the time, but it was fortunately a slow day so I had some time to make some phone calls.
Thanks to Al Bane 4 Leather of North Hollywood, his shop was only a few minutes away from Dweezil’s. house.
Al agreed to go to Dweezil house, see what the fit problem was, take the pants back to his shop, alter them for me and return them back to Dweezil the next day.
After Al and I talked on the phone about the project he invited me out to his shop in LA to intern for him and work together on some of the projects I could use his help with.
Another amazing opportunity for me.
After all was said and done Dweezil posted a big thank you on my wall. That was pretty awesome.


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