Wardrobe for Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience Tour

Dec 19th, Amway Arena, Orlando, FL
Seamstress for JT.
Long day 9 am to 3:30 am on the 20/20 Experience Tour.
The entire wardrobe was by designer Tom Ford and was beautiful, but not made for performance. Lots of repairs!

Ironing 22 all cotton tuxedo shirts to perfection between 2 people took the bulk of the day. I skated out on that job after 2 hours to sew for the next 8 of 10 hours.

There were 7 racks of wardrobe that Kyle and Irma worked on. That job got a little intense after 1 of the 2 steamers had an electrical melt down.

Wardrobe Style Tip for the day… Guys, do your wife or dry cleaner a favor, if you’ve got crunchy under arm pit stains wear an undershirt, get some better antiperspirant, soak the stain in vinegar and then scrub with baking soda till the stains come out or just throw that crustified shit away! Every time you hit that crusty mess with an iron it stinks up the room and when you wear it without a jacket it looks like hell. Just sayin. #mypetpeves, #nothot

I took a break to peak in on the pre show meet and greet and came face to face with JT. At first I thought he was just another guest, as he blended perfectly in with the crowd in his T-shirt, jeans and knit cap. LOL

In addition to repairs on clothing, I also stitched a TAIT cart cover that had self adhesive Velcro that gunked up my machine. Then I broke a 16 gauge needle making and heming an 8′ opening in the stage left drape, which made load out on the back line gear go a lot smoother, as there was prior no exit off the 3 story under stage. Thanks Kyle Vest for the heavy duty thread and spare needle! IOU!

I got to see the show from stage right. That stage B bridge with a clear bottom that raised up and rolled over the crowd to the FOH VIP bar was pretty bad ass! Awesome show.

They were short on load out, so I stayed to help pack up the 18 trucks it took to put the on the show on the road.

I plan to watch for JT on Saturday Night Live this evening! He’s a riot! Hope he does Dick in a Box!



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