Behind the scenes with Bruno Mars

Aug 27, Orlando, FL & Aug 28, 2013 Tampa, FL

I must say Bruno Mars was one-of-a-kind when it comes to the A list performers I’ve had the pleasure of working for.
Typically I see the stars backstage but it would be unprofessional for me to approach them in any way.
As soon as Bruno saw me, he walked right up to ME, stuck out his hand to shake mine and said “Hi, I’m Bruno Mars!” I managed to utter back “Hi I’m Gina, your seamstress for the day!” That kind of blew me away. That’s never happened before. He was very sweet and very down to earth.
He had just appeared on the VMA music awards a few days earlier. I was asked to steam a rack of Dolce & Gabanna Suits they sent over for him to check out. When he came in to look them over, I stepped out of the way to give him some space and he turned to me and asked “which one is your favorite?” And I pointed to the rust colored gangster striped one. He laughed and said that one was nice, but not so much his style.
He had some really nice Versace clothes, but his favorites were his vintage Hawaiian style shirts as that is also where he is from. I altered one for him they had recently found in a vintage store, which he wore that night on stage.
His dad and best friend escorted him around much of the time. He was very friendly, chit chatted with everybody and hung around in a very casual manner as he smoked American Spirit Cigarettes.
The first show I worked in Orlando had a lot of down time. About midway thru the day the asked me if I could work the next show in Tampa the following day. After making some arrangements to share a ride with my stagehand friend “Cupcake” I agreed.
By the time we were done with Wardrobe and load out it was about 2am. I crashed at Cupcake’s house then had to leave for the Tampa show by 5am to get there by 7am! OMG looks like a major caffeine, redbull and 5 hr energy kind of day!

The second show in Tampa kept me busy most of the day. I actually was on a mission to stay as busy as I could, so I wouldn’t fall asleep!!
One of the local zoo’s brought in some animals for the crew to pet, be photographed with and enjoy. It was quite interesting to see a tiger rolling down the backstage hallway in a cage.
I altered some Basketball Jersey’s for one of the guys in the band, repaired some shorts for one of the guys on the road crew and shortened some pants for one of the girls in wardrobe.
We did some quick change both days which allowed me to see most of the show from stage left.
Despite my rock and roll background I really enjoy his music and loved seeing him perform. He’s a very talented heartfelt guy and seems not to take his success for granted.
That is refreshing.



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