Michael Buble’s Wardrobe Malfunction

It was about 10am on Oct 30th when I got a call asking me if I could come down to the arena in a few hours because Michael Buble was in town and needed a last minute seamstress. I was already on my way to my studio and explained I was wearing flip flops. (Normally when I work a show, I’ve got to wear sneakers or boots for safety reasons if you go out onto the arena floor.) Since I was not needed for the show itself and under the urgent circumstances, my flip flops were allowed.
So I headed over to my studio, packed up my sewing gear and made my way over to the arena.
When I arrived the urgent circumstances were explained. Mr Buble wore button fly tuxedo pants on stage. Apparently his fly was gaping in such a manner, that it appeared as though it was open. It became my assignment to figure out how to fix that.
Upon further examination of the problem, I devised a plan, made a few alterations and turned the pants over for a fitting.
Voila, malfunction mischief managed and 4 more pairs of his fancy pants appeared, to have the same alteration made! You would think some finely tailored Italian suits, which were most likely custom made, would not have that kind of problem!!
After that fire was out, I adjusted and secured a few floppy buttons on the coordinating tuxedo jackets, altered some pants for someone in the band and let out the back of the jacket for his head of security, who’d been hitting catering a little to hard.
Shortly there after, I was asked if I could possibly repair some torn travatine backdrops, which hung behind the stage and were about 40′ long with some 20′ tears!! After taking a look, I said I would give it a go, but would need a big table, some empty space and someone to help me drag the giant drapes thru the sewing machine. “Cupcake” (my stagehand friend Shawn) volunteered for the job! I had to set my sewing machine sideways and get a hand feeding the massive drapes through. After 4 needles and 3 spools of thread, the drapes were repaired.
Lucky for me, I had a backstage pass and got to see a bit of the show with my friend Audrey, who had some prime seats!
Mr. Buble performed without incident.



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