4/20 came early on Rihanna Diamonds Tour

The day started out in a bit of a holding pattern. Rihanna had been sick and it was up in the air, as to whether or not she would perform. Soon though, everyone became aware it was “on”, when she posted an update to twitter and everything started rolling heavy!
Even though the show was April 19th, some people chose to celebrate early! Up in heeya!
Working for Rihanna was cool on many levels. I met some crew who’ve become friends and her wardrobe had some really amazing pieces in it, I got to see up close and work on.
My favorite piece, hands down was her Givenchy outfit designed by Riccardo Tisci with guns, bullets and skulls in a silver and gold print. It was bad ass! (Shown)
Ri, as the crew called her, was thin, tall and had some gun boat feet that girl!! Size 10 I think!
I spent quite a bit of time hand beading…one at a time, her teal Lanvin pants, which had a very interesting design with a flap that came across the front of the pants. The matching top and belt were simply amazing examples of High End Paris Couture.
I put a theater style “ballet elastic” alteration into a few waistbands (a trick I will include in my upcoming costume rigging book, so stay tuned!)
Earlier in the day, I noticed this Italian looking guy, who was one of
the band members, he looked really familiar to me, but I couldn’t place him. Later that night, I was helping pack up some band stuff, when I saw something labeled “Nuno”. I said wait a minute… Is that Nuno Bettencourt??? Why Yes, it was. Wow. I worked one of his shows back in the 90’s when he was with Extreme! Too funny!
During the course of the evening, one of the metal fans in the dressing room broke. Someone labeled it “fix me”. I felt the urge to add “I’m a metal fan!”
My daughter Bailey about died, when I told her ASAP was the opening act. I ended up running into them backstage after they performed and chatted a bit.
The girl who managed the dancers wardrobe was a bit daft. I think she was about 19 and admitted this was her first tour. She color coded everything by person, which was great if you had the decoder ring, but otherwise it was a bit confusing, as the road cases were labeled by name and the dancers were not wearing their color coded wrist bands. :/
All in all, it was a great show which I got to see some of, from stage left.
Love her music. She’s a hip chic!



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