Lint Picking on Pink’s Truth About Love Tour

Some days, you get paid to do weird things. On this day, February 24, 2013 at Amway Center, I got to bring along my good friend Candas, who got a crash course in working wardrobe on an A list show.
This show was interesting, because they gave us these high tech back stage passes that had censors in them that beeped every time you went through various check points, tracking us everywhere we went.
Pink, who is referred to as Alecia by crew (her real name) had a lot of dancers on her show, so there were a lot of wardrobe projects. We started out with the usual, laundry, steaming and ironing, then we moved on to polishing shoes. Lots of black shoes! We also cleaned the white shoes with alcohol wipes. It works, you should try it!!
When we were finished with that, we actually did have to pick lint out of the fishnets of several costumes and get all the lint and fuzzies out of some really long black braided ropes, which I later found out were part of a trapeze she uses in her performance. Then, I did some minor alterations to Pink’s strapy black fishnet costume (shown). After that, I had to stitch down the waist bands in some boy short style underwear and make name labels to stitch into some new wardrobe items.
As we were passing through one of the checkpoints, I held the curtain for a young lady with a baby and some guy. After they passed, Candas swatted me and said “you just held the curtain for Pink, her baby and husband Cory Hart!!” (of Hart and Huntington!) Oh, wow, I did not even recognize her with her hoodie on!!
Later that day, we had lunch with Pelle, the lead singer from the Hives, her opening band. He was an interesting guy!
As were walking back from catering, Pink’s toddler daughter came running past us giggling in a little Minnie Mouse dress, while her famous parents were trying to catch her.
Upon returning to work the wardrobe staff was setting up a dress form with one of Pink’s costumes on it. They were expecting a visit from a Make-a-Wish kid who was on a VIP tour of the backstage area. It’s so cool when you get to see that going on!
Later that day, the Minnie Mouse dress showed up in wardrobe, with a giant rip in it!
During the show we were responsible for helping the wardrobe crew relay all the discarded quick change costumes from the stage to the dressing room and put everything on racks with fans blowing everywhere, so things could dry before they packed them up and headed out.
We got to see a good chunk of the show from the back side of the giant video screens. Pink performed some pretty amazing acrobatics during her show. I didn’t know she was such a talented gymnast.
To this day Candas and I still joke about our “lint picking and boot licking” adventures on Pink’s show.



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