Before I was a Seamstress to the stars, I took a Slow Ride…

For those of you who didn’t know this fun fact about me, I’ve been in the music business since the late 80’s. Long before I was a Seamstress, I toured as a guitar tech for Foghat.
It all started, when I was invited by Molly Hatchet to attend one of their shows, in which Foghat was opening for them. I met everybody, then when they were back in town a few months later was invited to their show at Finkey’s in Daytona in November of 1989.
Upon arrival, I was dressed the way we all dressed back in the day. Hair teased to the moon, short skirt, high heals, hanging out with the usual suspects.
As it turns out, their guitar tech had hurt himself and Erik Cartwright was in need of assistance to execute his multiple guitar changes. Erik knew I played guitar and I agreed to do the swaps for him. Sounded simple enough.
As the show progressed Erik kept making the swap further and further out onto the stage.
Mid show he broke a string. Mid show I changed it. When it came time for that guitar again, instead of handing him the spare, I handed him the one I fixed. He looked at me, looked at the guitar and I assured him it was fine. Off he went.
As the band was wrapping up the show, the singer Phil asked the crowd “how they liked their new guitar tech”, as they dragged me out from behind guitar world. The crowd approved.
After the show, I was offered the job. Erik later asked me how I changed the string and got it in tune with all the noise of the show.
I just smiled and said “job security”.



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  1. Maybe I met you Back than, In 89 i was touring with Helix and Savatage, I remember that Pinkys place,, wow, lots om memories


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