Naked girl on the toilet conspiracy

Every tour has their practical jokes, you get kind of stir crazy pent up in that submarine on wheels. This one remains an unsolved mystery despite my best efforts to uncover the truth. All I know is, it wasn’t me!!
We just spent a week playing at Harrods in Lake Tahoe. It was great except that I couldn’t go skiing due to my popped middle finger incident.
We rented a huge condo for the week, got to unpack a bit and eat home cooked food, as we took turns cooking. I remember the two grocery carts full, shopping trip to the grocery store with the Foghat band and crew as being quite a spectacle to locals!!
During that week Eric Cartwright, the guitar player, flew his Kansas City Stripper Girlfriend out for the week. I dont remember her name and he probably doesn’t either! I won’t even get started on the nightly head board banging marathon that went on! It had us all running for earplugs!
Anyway, with Lake Tahoe in the rear view mirror, we set out for our next gig. For some reason there was a ruckus to do with the tour bus bathroom. Everybody was using it for some reason and coming out laughing and whispering to each other. Finally somebody said Gina, go use the bathroom! Ok??! So I go in the bathroom and taped to the toilet seat is a naked photo of Eric’s stripper girlfriend, I assume he had take at some fancy pubic outdoor fountain. Superimposed over the photo were the “crushing” fingers from “Kids In The Hall” show, crushing her boobs. Wow. LOL
So I return to the lounge and now everyone is giggling and waiting for Eric to go use the bathroom.
Eric’s reaction wasn’t so amused. He was furious in fact, because apparently the photos were hidden in his luggage where the prankster had to have gone to retrieve them.
Now it was on, Roger Earl the drummer made an ultimatum. Who ever did this was fired for going into Eric’s luggage. Each of us were questioned, but who ever did it remains a mystery. I spoke with Phil Nudelman and Rich Rainer some 20 years later and they both denied doing or knowing who did!! We all have our suspicions.
“I’m crushing your boobs… crush, crush, crush!!!!”



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