How to clean a windshield with a girdle!

Gram 100th

Today may be Valentine’s Day to the rest of you, but for me, it will always be my late beloved grandmother Emma Nalbone’s birthday.
She would have been 106 this year.  She died at the ripe old age of 101.
I have dedicated my life’s work to the sewing skills she taught me as a child. She also taught me how to knit, crochet, cook Italian and how to clean a windshield with a girdle!
I spent a lot of time with my grandmother growing up, my parents were divorced and she had Lucky Charms, Coffee and Cable TV! My grandfather died, when I was 3, she never remarried or even looked at another man to my knowledge. She was a very cleaver woman and we had a lot of fun together.
She wasn’t very good at driving. In fact, she was known for smashing into things. She hadn’t had a drivers license for very long. She didn’t get hers until my grandfather was sick and she was older.
I loved driving her around in her vintage Maroon Dodge Dart and I think the family was relieved as well that I was driving her!
One night, we decided to go to dinner and a movie. At Ponderosa, we ate our cheap steaks and Gram decided to smuggle a few dinner rolls into her purse. After dinner, we went to the drive in movies. We got settled in the car, eating our rolls and smuggled snacks, watching our movie, when the window started fogging up. Before I could pull out a napkin my Gram had whipped off her girdle, straps and all and was cleaning the windshield with it! Guarder Belt Straps and elastic was flying everywhere! OMG. We laughed so hard! I can still hear that laugh of hers that goes silent, because she can’t get air!!
I dearly loved my Gram and she has become such an inspiration to me. I regret not being able to see her as her health began failing over the years, but I am so happy to remember the crazy, fun, happy times we had together. It thrills me to honor and remember her in all the sewing work I do. I have dedicated my career to her. She lives on in me. I know she’s still with me. I can feel her presence.
Love you Gram, Miss You and Happy Birthday! XOXO



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  1. what a great story. I was lucky enough to meet her on several occasions. She was quite the lady.


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