Crash landed my first gig as a Costume Designer on a feature film!

the glades poster

Last year I set my intent to land a job as a costume designer for feature film. In Nov 2013, I met George Catalano on a video shoot for the music video “Binary Chaos” promoting the film “Rescue Me” where he starred as an actor and stunt person. I was working wardrobe for the shoot and also became an extra.
Come to find out, George is a writer and has two scripts he was working on taking to the big screen. We chatted a bit and hit it off, while sitting around on the video shoot.

Shortly thereafter George sent me the scripts and details of each film, “The Glades” became my focus for putting together the wardrobe and helping him coordinate some of the other things he needed for the film including a prop plane and Florida horror make up people he would need for some pretty gory scenes in his movie. (Ck out “The Glades” on Facebook, website coming soon at
We set up a meeting at my Orlando Design House Studio where some make up industry pro friends of mine came in to demonstrate some new “watermelon” make up products on George’s arm!


This one took about 10 minutes to apply and removes easily and completely with soap and water. George agreed this was light years advanced from the old school latex products he’d been working with for years, staining clothes, making a mess and taking hours to apply.

A few days ago George asked me to officially become the Costume Designer and Wardrobe person for the film. The main focus of my work will be in executing the 8 college students wardrobe from the time they board their plane, thru its crash in FL swampland and the degradation of their clothing over a period of days as they encounter mud, blood, gators, wildlife, swamp people and more in their fight to survive.

If you would like to audition as one of the 8 main character college students, swamp people, pilot or extras in the film, or are interested in getting IMDB credit for helping out in wardrobe, horror makeup, soundtrack, special effects, catering, location, props or crew on this low budget film, please contact George Catalano at for more info. We plan to shoot this summer around July or August in south Florida.

Gina Vincenza Van Epps
A List Wardrobe Seamstress,
Stage Wear, Costume & Couture Design & Fabrication


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