Joan Rivers scared the crap out of me!

RIP Joan, thank you for launching my career as an A List Wardrobe Seamstress!!

Psycho Seamstress

March 21, 2011 So I’m working on wigs at Mel Brook’s Young Frankenstein at Lakeland Civic Center, when my boss tells me Joan Rivers will be performing there the next night and she needs a really good seamstress, because she’s really fussy… Can I do it? Um, well, crap, really? Ah, How much? …$XX hr… Ah, wow, really? OK, YES! I’ll do it!
Crap. What was I thinking. OMG! Joan Rivers? Fashion Police? Red Carpet Fashion Critic? Comedian Joan Rivers? Crap! What have I gotten myself into? What the heck am I going to wear? OMG! What if I screw something up?
I arrived the next day at the venue about an hour early. Nervous as heck. This was really, truly the first time I had been asked to work directly for a celebrity, one on one like this. I was absolutely terrified. Was I really that good? Good enough…

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