How To Source Wholesale Fabrics and Notions for Production

Whether you are sewing for profit out of your home or you’re looking for wholesale fabrics and notions for a factory production run, here are some great resources on getting started and some of my favorite vendors:

1. Go to DG Expo and find a fabric show near you! You will walk away with tons of samples and more industry contacts than you ever thought possible!
2. Hire a guy! Contact Jay Arbetman at The Sourcing District. He can help you find everything at the same wholesale price the factory would charge with no mark up.
3. Fashion Zippers made in the USA are custom, beautiful, smooth operating by UCAN Zippers USA for production runs.
4. Custom Sublimation Printing on the fabric of your choice, contact Luke Harris of Solid Stone Fabrics,, one yard or more.
5. Design and sell your own fabrics on Spoonflower or buy fabric from other independent designers.
6. Buttons from around the world
7. Trims
8. Spandex and high end Italian made Carvico swimwear fabrics
10. Tags for inside your garments and for retail sale, paper, fabric, printed waistbands and more.
11. Novelty Prints
12. Luxury Fabrics
13. Latex, Faux Fur, Theatrical and More
14. Wide Ranges of Quality Fabrics
15. Eco and Sustainable Fabrics including bamboo, hemp, tencil, modal, organic and more.
15. Liner And Tie Fabrics
16. Luxury Sweater Knits, Bouclé
17. Suiting, Men’s Fabrics
Marc Atlas Textiles,
10. Designer Resources
Please comment with your favorite wholesale vendors below!!
Happy Sourcing!
Gina aka Psycho Seamstress

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