2 Ways To Tactically Rig Your Cargo Shorts or Pants for Access to Concealed Weapons

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Lately I’ve been getting a lot of requests to tactically alter or quick rig clothing for individuals with permits to carry concealed weapons.

Here are 2 easy ways to alter a pair of cargo shorts for quick access to a variety of thigh holsters. One method does not require any sewing skills or additional materials, the other uses a zipper.

If your one of those people thinking “who the heck am I going to sew this for me?” I am working on a retail line (QuickDrawTacticalClothing.com) of tactical cargo shorts, which will be for sale soon. Contact me if you’d like to buy or sell them. I can also do tactical alterations if you mail
me your garments and specifications.

First, Choose a pair of cargo shorts after considering these things:

1. They have a side cargo pocket with a flap or zip closure and that the sides of the pocket are gusseted (makes the pocket a 3 dimensional addition to the shorts). This will best hide the profile of your weapon.

2. Choose a pair of shorts that lets the cargo pocket land mid thigh or directly over where your thigh gun holster is situated in such a way that the butt of the gun doesn’t “print” or show.

3. Compare Shorts made out of darker, thicker, heavier weight fabric, which will work better than shorts with thinner, lighter colored and weight fabric.

4. Make sure the shorts are long enough to cover the gun and holster

5. Make sure the shorts don’t fit too tight. Looser is better. Go up a size if you have to and wear a belt. Try them on with your gun holstered to your thigh and walk around to make sure they fit well and and you can walk normal and comfortably.

One of the rules to legally carrying a concealed weapon is that you don’t unintentionally expose your weapon or you could be charged with a misdemeanor.

Method 1 “Quick and Dirty”
This one can be done without any additional materials other than a pair of scissors.

1. Basically, all you have to do here is turn your shorts inside out

2. Carefully cut a horizontal slit about 4″ down from the cargo pocket flap, on the inside part of the pocket fabric that sits against your leg, from side to side, staying inside the pocket. Make sure you can’t see the slit or inside the slit from the outside of the shorts. You can also completely cut out the inside of the pocket if you wish from inside the shorts. Boom. Done.

Once you turn the shorts right side out, you should be able to slide your hand into your cargo pocket and then through the slit or opening to access your weapon.

If you do have sewing skills there are a number of ways you can cleanly finish this slit by zigzagging the raw edges to keep it from fraying, making a simple welt, adding more fabric, an inside zipper here or a few small squares of Velcro. (The only problem I have with using Velcro is that the rip noise it makes could bring attention to what your doing if you’ve found yourself in a situation)

2. Method 2, “Zippered Access”


Zipper installed above cargo pocket (view from inside the shorts)

This one is pretty simple to do. There are a few kinds of zippers on the market or salvage one from an existing item. The zipper can be top sewn on, which is the easiest.

For this alteration what you’re basically going to do is install a zipper above your cargo pocket, so that you can open it you expose your leg and can easily reach inside your shorts or pants to access your thigh holstered weapon.

If you don’t have a sewing machine you can also hand sew the zipper on.

Done and done.


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