Mick James Is Dead? But I JUST talked to him….


Mick James of Criss Angel MindFreak and Believe fame gives a detailed interview to Psycho Seamstress on Rock Rage Radio Florida and talks about his new Dark Fantasy Musical/Film in the works “Mick James Is Dead”.

1.MJID CD COVER FINAL  2.-DSC_4172-back-cover-in-Coffin Final 7. Mick-K-in-Car Final

This interview was recorded on Friday March 27, 2015 and aired on Rock Rage Radio (www.rockrageradio.com) on Tuesday March 31, 2015 at 8pm.


Here are photos of the stagewear I made for Mick and his guitar player Ku Khem

IMG_8433  Photo Jan 14, 9 32 16 AM Photo Jan 14, 9 32 37 AM

and photos from their performance at the Whiskey A Go Go in Los Angeles, CA in January 2015.

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CLICK HERE to listen to the original audio of this interview on YouTube with a photo slide show http://youtu.be/fk2VP9RBg9M

Mick James can be reached at:

Mick’s fan page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/MICKY-JAMES-OFFICIAL-FAN-PAGE/103779476342876?ref=ts

Please check out my movie teaser/music video. Featuring Snake Sabo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iDpHzRPflg

Hard copy CD packages: https://squareup.com/market/sj-management-group-llc

The new website: http://mickjamesisdead.com/

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On twitter: https://twitter.com/Mickjamesbitch

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Bacchanal Carnival, a Rock Operetta in the Works

In January of 2013, I met with the friend of a friend, named Blu Fogarty.

Blu is a very talented performer at Universal Studios, who wanted to show me a Rock Operetta he had written entitled “Bacchanal Carnival”. The show is a very diverse Morality Play about a character called “Everyman”, he actually performed it for me, from beginning to end, playing and singing the parts for each of the characters he had written. It was quite impressive. I felt compelled to become involved.

Blu’s goal is to tour his charity benefit rock operetta and use it to raise money for local charities by partnering with them in communities where it will be shown. (See the C.O.R.E. Incorporated Facebook Page or Website for more information.)
Over the last 2 years Blu formed a 501c3 non profit organization called C.O.R.E. Incorporated, whose primary mission is to put this show on tour.

Last year, I agreed to help by putting together a good, better and best budget for wardrobe.

My Fashion Designer friend David Barnes of Piida Diida agreed to fill in some of the costume blanks with concept drawings.

Stiltwalking Performers
Through another series of meetings Blu decided to replace the touring orchestra with a Circus Style Calliope Machine with a Steam Punk edge.

I introduced Blu to a few more friends, who I thought might be able to help him along his journey including Winfield Murdock, a very talented Costume Designer, Fabrication Specialist and Owner of Winfield Murdock Creative Works in Orlando.

Winfield Murdock Creative Works
This winter Blu had an event coming up and has been wanting his “MC” costume fabricated, so he could wear it to meetings with potential investors to help convey his concept, perform parts of the play and for general marketing purposes.
Miguel Moreta, a London Educated Fashion Graduate, Costume Designer & Fabricator I’ve been working with over the last few months, sat down with Blu a few weeks ago and sketched out all of the details needed to move the project into fabrication.

MC Costume Drawings by Miguel Moreta
Winfield Murdock met with Blu to discuss the final details and began working on construction.

MC Jacket Construction  Leather Pants Panels MC Pants

I worked mostly on the leather pants from beginning to end.

The end result was a Custom Military Style Tails Coat, Hand Made Leather Top Hat and Patchwork Leather Pants.
This costume is one of many amazing costumes pending fabrication for this show.

MC Front MC Back MC Pants Patched Back Seam
If you’d like to donate time, talent, money, goods or services to help Blu bring his concept further into creation, please contact Blu@coreincorporated.org and tell him I sent you.

Blu needs help with production, audio, video, lighting, casting, performers, soundtrack, props, costumes, funding, grants and more!

Core Incorporated Website and Facebook Page:

https://www.facebook.com/hardCOREincorporated  http://www.coreincorporated.org/

Winfield Murdock Creative Works Website & Facebook Page

http://www.winfieldmurdock.com/   https://www.facebook.com/WinfieldMurdockCreativeWorks

David Barnes of Piida Diida   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Piida-Diida-Clothing/120707634627104

Gina Vincenza Van Epps aka Psycho Seamstress
A List Wardrobe Seamstress, Designer & Costume Fabrication Specialist


Psycho Seamstress  https://www.facebook.com/psychoseamstress

Psycho Stagewear  https://www.facebook.com/psycho13stagewear

House of Vincenza   https://www.facebook.com/houseofvincenza

Orlando Fashion District  https://www.facebook.com/OrlandoFashionDistrict

Central Florida Sewing Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/fashionincubatordh/

Sewing Red on Taylor Swift’s Tour!

I’ve work a lot of A list shows over the last 3 years, including 3 days for Sir Paul McCartney, but this was the first show I had to pass a background check!
The good news is, I passed, despite my civil incident and went on to sewing red dresses for 2 days on her sold out Orlando dates.
After only 10 weeks into the tour the red dresses the back up singers wore, were not holding up to well and they needed to make a second set for the busty babes. My job was to work under Pam to take some off the rack red dresses they had sent in and replace the flat girl upper bodice with a bustier version Pam had constructed on break, then replace the standard zippers with a wide tooth more rugged, quick change version and make sure everybody was fit properly.
I also altered a man’s jacket to let out the back seam and did some costume rigging to attach a man’s shirt and tie together for the male dancers, so that the tie stayed tied and was attached with Velcro and “whopper popper” giant snaps, to the shirts for quick changing of costumes between songs. This is a pretty standard quick change alteration you see a lot in theater and performance, which will be included in the costume rigging book I am writing.
This show had about 17 dancers and some of the most amazing costumes I’ve seen since Michael Jackson’s Immortal Cirque du Soleil World Tour!
I got to peek into Taylor’s special room she had set up for her VIP guests that included some beautiful dresses in plexiglass display cases with their own lighting. It was like a mini museum for some pretty epic couture gowns.
My friend Kyle Vest was working wardrobe in one of the dressing rooms next door, when a young lady came in there to work out. She had no make up on and was asking for help with the lighting in her room. Kyle went in with her and fixed the problem. After she left he about fainted when they told him that was Taylor!
My other friends Lorraine and Devyn worked for hours to prepare some pretty elaborate costumes for all of the female dancers.
I ran into a few of the teens I met working the So You Think You Can Dance Tour. It was really cool to see them moving on to bigger and better things. Especially Caitlynn, who had a pretty big role in Taylor’s show. I worked with her a lot during her week of quick change rehearsals in Orlando practicing for the tour.
Taylor’s wardrobe was kept under close watch. She had some gorgeous pieces that were quite blinged out! Lots of swarovski crystals on costumes, hats and an epic cane.
My favorite piece was a jacket they said weighted about 30 lbs due to all the stones on it!
Security was very high on this show. We actually had to leave the wardrobe rooms, so bomb sniffing dogs could come through! We were warned not to call, pet or show affection to the dogs or make any sudden movements around them!
After day 1, I actually got to see the show, which was pretty cool. My friend Jenny had some floor seats, so I went out to say Hi and hung out for a bit.
One of my stagewear designer friends asked me to say Hi to her friend Amos, Taylor’s bass player. I don’t normally run into everybody on the tour, so I figured it would be a long shot. As it turns out, I was walking down the hall with one of the wardrobe crew when they said “Hey Amos” to a guy passing by. I said “Amos Heller?”, he said “Yes!” I said “Kim Kylla Dylla” asked me to say Hi to you, but I didn’t think I’d actually run into you!” He was as surprised as I was.
Day 2 was more of the same. Had to fit all the girls and then work on finishing everything for stage.
That dang song “weeeeee are never ever ever getting back together” got stuck in my head for days.


Wardrobe for Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience Tour

Dec 19th, Amway Arena, Orlando, FL
Seamstress for JT.
Long day 9 am to 3:30 am on the 20/20 Experience Tour.
The entire wardrobe was by designer Tom Ford and was beautiful, but not made for performance. Lots of repairs!

Ironing 22 all cotton tuxedo shirts to perfection between 2 people took the bulk of the day. I skated out on that job after 2 hours to sew for the next 8 of 10 hours.

There were 7 racks of wardrobe that Kyle and Irma worked on. That job got a little intense after 1 of the 2 steamers had an electrical melt down.

Wardrobe Style Tip for the day… Guys, do your wife or dry cleaner a favor, if you’ve got crunchy under arm pit stains wear an undershirt, get some better antiperspirant, soak the stain in vinegar and then scrub with baking soda till the stains come out or just throw that crustified shit away! Every time you hit that crusty mess with an iron it stinks up the room and when you wear it without a jacket it looks like hell. Just sayin. #mypetpeves, #nothot

I took a break to peak in on the pre show meet and greet and came face to face with JT. At first I thought he was just another guest, as he blended perfectly in with the crowd in his T-shirt, jeans and knit cap. LOL

In addition to repairs on clothing, I also stitched a TAIT cart cover that had self adhesive Velcro that gunked up my machine. Then I broke a 16 gauge needle making and heming an 8′ opening in the stage left drape, which made load out on the back line gear go a lot smoother, as there was prior no exit off the 3 story under stage. Thanks Kyle Vest for the heavy duty thread and spare needle! IOU!

I got to see the show from stage right. That stage B bridge with a clear bottom that raised up and rolled over the crowd to the FOH VIP bar was pretty bad ass! Awesome show.

They were short on load out, so I stayed to help pack up the 18 trucks it took to put the on the show on the road.

I plan to watch for JT on Saturday Night Live this evening! He’s a riot! Hope he does Dick in a Box!