Another few seconds of BTS fame, Explained… Thanks Beyonce!!

As my project management career in sewing related ventures continues to escalate, my recent Behind The Scene’s work on Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour Costumes in April 2016 at Raymond James Stadium, became public when Beyoncé, posted on Facebook, a BTS video, which included footage of Jessica and I seam ripping holes into the Balmain Bodysuits, Love working on a Gucci bejeweled bodysuit and flashes of some of the other projects we got to work on.

Here’s the link to the video Beyonce posted on her wall: Beyonce BTS The Formation World Tour Fashion

Here’s some commentary on some of the images you see in the video and what we were doing!

Seam Ripping the Balmain Bodysuit Armpits

Seam Ripping the Balmain Bodysuit Armpits

Opening The Seams

Opening The Seams

Allowing for arm movement

Allowing for arm movement

Me explaining what we were doing to the Balmain Bodysuits

Me explaining what we were doing to the Balmain Bodysuits

Explaining Gussets

Explaining Gussets

Adding Gussets

Adding Gussets

Jessica Demonstrates

Jessica Demonstrates

Love working on the Gucci adorn Black Bodysuits that haven't debuted as of yet

Love working on the Gucci adorn Black Bodysuits that haven’t debuted as of yet

Sue with one of the custom made face jewelry masks

Beyonce’s Wardrobe Crew with one of the custom made face jewelry masks

Beyonce's Wardrobe Crew Lead rinsing out the stockings

Beyonce’s Wardrobe Crew Lead rinsing out the stockings

The Initial Wardrobe Crew I put together to work on costumes for Beyonce during the 3+ weeks she was in Tampa rehearsing.

The initial Wardrobe Crew I put together to work on costumes for Beyonce during the 3+ weeks she was in Tampa rehearsing including myself, Love, Jessica and Renee, my go to girls!

If you are looking for a mobile wardrobe crew for an event, concert tour, onsite fabrication, film, theater tour, fashion show, wardrobe or sewing related specialty runner, wardrobe stylist or other mobile person with wardrobe, sewing, pattern making and on location fabrication skills, check out my facebook page: Mobile Wardrobe Services to put in a crew request or email me at

If you ARE a MOBILE seamstress, seamster, couturier, stitcher, tailor, wardrobe person, pattern maker, fabricator of costume or fashion, have a passport, mobile sewing kit and / or are willing to travel, join my facebook group to get called in on gigs like this! Mobile Sewing & Wardrobe Locals and Crew

Special Thanks again to Beyonce for including me and some of my local crew in your behind the scenes video! These were some of the most amazing high end fashions turned costume, I’ve worked on to date. I love getting paid to share my gifts, talents and helping others do the same.


Mick James Is Dead? But I JUST talked to him….


Mick James of Criss Angel MindFreak and Believe fame gives a detailed interview to Psycho Seamstress on Rock Rage Radio Florida and talks about his new Dark Fantasy Musical/Film in the works “Mick James Is Dead”.

1.MJID CD COVER FINAL  2.-DSC_4172-back-cover-in-Coffin Final 7. Mick-K-in-Car Final

This interview was recorded on Friday March 27, 2015 and aired on Rock Rage Radio ( on Tuesday March 31, 2015 at 8pm.


Here are photos of the stagewear I made for Mick and his guitar player Ku Khem

IMG_8433  Photo Jan 14, 9 32 16 AM Photo Jan 14, 9 32 37 AM

and photos from their performance at the Whiskey A Go Go in Los Angeles, CA in January 2015.

1522146_10206280178869063_4549165573731884239_n 10443980_10206307752798394_3641000472489728625_n 10689525_10206280179549080_597575927711288234_n 10690249_10203504727801346_6759048765894420956_n 10906287_10206307754358433_2314790789097058710_n 10940575_10206307754078426_8763146391432333205_n 10943689_10204875293033479_4204534398147016023_n

CLICK HERE to listen to the original audio of this interview on YouTube with a photo slide show

Mick James can be reached at:

Mick’s fan page:

Please check out my movie teaser/music video. Featuring Snake Sabo:

Hard copy CD packages:

The new website:

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“Can We Talk?” Rock Fashion Radio Show Coming Soon!!

As some of you may know, Joan Rivers was my first A List Client back in 2011.

Joan Rivers and I


Working for Joan, rattled my soul, sealed the deal and launched my career as an A List Wardrobe Seamstress. If I can survive her, I can survive anything! She was the ultimate trial by fire client and I now choose to be inspired by and channel a woman who rocked the fashion world with her famous words “Can We Talk?”

Since then, I’ve worked for many celebrities that came thru Orlando and Tampa on tour, including most famously Sir Paul McCartney, who’s story landed me on the front page of my hometown newspaper!!

Front page News

Some of the bigger jobs I’ve had over the last few years, included making 17 costumes for Justin Bieber’s Believe film and doing some major work on 5 red dresses for Taylor Swift’s back up singers on her Red Tour.

Justin Bieber Believe Film Costumes

I’ve also done a lot of costume rigging for shows like Michael Jackson’s Immortal Cirque du Soleil World Tour, Pink, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, Bruno MarsMiley Cyrus, Usher and even got into Marilyn Manson’s Pants!

My A list work led to a job at Universal Theme Parks as Costume Fabrication Specialist where I worked on entertainer costumes including the most legendary “Invisibility Cloak” featured in the Beedle Bard show at Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley. Having a hand in making that was epic!

In my spare time, I spent an epic weekend last spring on a short tour of Florida festivals, courtesy of my friends with Volbeat. They needed some backdrop repairs and allowed me to tag along from RockFest to Rockville. I had an amazing moment with Billy Duffy of The Cult and had the opportunity to discuss a piece of his stagewear that I did a replica of for Cult Revolution, a tribute band.

Bruce Tindle wearing the Cult Replica vest I made

Bruce Tindle wearing the Cult Replica vest I made

One thing lead to another and through a series of FORTUNATE events, golden connections and rock networking, almost a year later, I’ve now been offered my own Rock Fashion Radio Show as Psycho Seamstress on Rock Rage Radio!! I will be reviewing Rock Fashion, interviewing Stagewear Designers and Rock Stars who dress to impress from coast to coast regarding their duds of choice.
We will also be launching  a nationwide band image makeover contest with some huge prizes!
So stay tuned and don’t be caught in public looking anything less than famous!

Rock Rage Radio


Rock Rage Radio

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Bacchanal Carnival, a Rock Operetta in the Works

In January of 2013, I met with the friend of a friend, named Blu Fogarty.

Blu is a very talented performer at Universal Studios, who wanted to show me a Rock Operetta he had written entitled “Bacchanal Carnival”. The show is a very diverse Morality Play about a character called “Everyman”, he actually performed it for me, from beginning to end, playing and singing the parts for each of the characters he had written. It was quite impressive. I felt compelled to become involved.

Blu’s goal is to tour his charity benefit rock operetta and use it to raise money for local charities by partnering with them in communities where it will be shown. (See the C.O.R.E. Incorporated Facebook Page or Website for more information.)
Over the last 2 years Blu formed a 501c3 non profit organization called C.O.R.E. Incorporated, whose primary mission is to put this show on tour.

Last year, I agreed to help by putting together a good, better and best budget for wardrobe.

My Fashion Designer friend David Barnes of Piida Diida agreed to fill in some of the costume blanks with concept drawings.

Stiltwalking Performers
Through another series of meetings Blu decided to replace the touring orchestra with a Circus Style Calliope Machine with a Steam Punk edge.

I introduced Blu to a few more friends, who I thought might be able to help him along his journey including Winfield Murdock, a very talented Costume Designer, Fabrication Specialist and Owner of Winfield Murdock Creative Works in Orlando.

Winfield Murdock Creative Works
This winter Blu had an event coming up and has been wanting his “MC” costume fabricated, so he could wear it to meetings with potential investors to help convey his concept, perform parts of the play and for general marketing purposes.
Miguel Moreta, a London Educated Fashion Graduate, Costume Designer & Fabricator I’ve been working with over the last few months, sat down with Blu a few weeks ago and sketched out all of the details needed to move the project into fabrication.

MC Costume Drawings by Miguel Moreta
Winfield Murdock met with Blu to discuss the final details and began working on construction.

MC Jacket Construction  Leather Pants Panels MC Pants

I worked mostly on the leather pants from beginning to end.

The end result was a Custom Military Style Tails Coat, Hand Made Leather Top Hat and Patchwork Leather Pants.
This costume is one of many amazing costumes pending fabrication for this show.

MC Front MC Back MC Pants Patched Back Seam
If you’d like to donate time, talent, money, goods or services to help Blu bring his concept further into creation, please contact and tell him I sent you.

Blu needs help with production, audio, video, lighting, casting, performers, soundtrack, props, costumes, funding, grants and more!

Core Incorporated Website and Facebook Page:

Winfield Murdock Creative Works Website & Facebook Page

David Barnes of Piida Diida

Gina Vincenza Van Epps aka Psycho Seamstress
A List Wardrobe Seamstress, Designer & Costume Fabrication Specialist

Psycho Seamstress

Psycho Stagewear

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Orlando Fashion District

Central Florida Sewing Group


My Summer of 84 in NYC

My talented friend and Artist, Nancy Scheer​​ reminded me on Facebook that this is the 30 year anniversary of our summer at Parsons School of Design in NYC!
It was quite a hell hole back then, with a very high crime rate, but it was the unmatched epitome of fashion and music in the 1980’s.
At 17, I was let loose in NYC, with an electric guitar, some leather pants and some art supplies!
We attended art classes Monday To Thursday.
I took a Communication Design class in the days before computer graphics even existed. Commercial Art back then, consisted of using vinyl graphic Letraset type fonts and photo editing was literally cutting off someones head in one photo and paste it to another body! We had art by day and party by night.
I flew to NYC with a fellow artfag from High School, Chrisula Constantine.

My 1980's Birthday, Probably 17th.

My 1980’s Birthday, Probably 17th.

Chrissy and I had fully intended on moving to L.A. after High School to find the rest of our metal band we had already name “Latem Tar” (Metal Rat spelled backwards!) but then boys happened and I ended up moving to Florida, where I have remained since 85.

We shared a lofted Union Square apartment. Our bedroom, was basically two beds, up a 8″ ladder and the room below contained 2 wardrobes for our stuff and a small desk. We had a giant window that over looked the street and the building directly across.

We shared a kitchen and eating area with Vivian and Beth, who had a bedroom like ours. There was a common living and recreation area, shared by other students, down the hall and a pay phone. Most of the time the elevator was broken and we had to walk or stumble up 11 flights of stairs. We walked everywhere and had blisters for weeks!

Within a day or so, we noticed people across the street spying on us with cameras and binoculars, Chris and I went out and bought a giant Judas Priest poster which became our “curtain”, but since the open window was our only air conditioning, it stayed open 24/7. You could hear the riff raff on the streets, and smell the garbage from the 11th floor.

Our bathroom was notable and became a tour stop on our floor. Somehow we managed to get the handicap room with a giant walk in shower and toilet with bars on the side. We all took turns worshipping it.

We had the weekend to do whatever we wanted. I think I learned more on the weekends than I ever learned in school!
It was off the chain, we drank, bought food from vendors on the streets, partied, and carried on like rock stars. We went to a theme party that was a mock funeral, Coffin and all.

With the right amount of cash and looks, you could get into all the hot clubs like the famous Danceteria from the Movie “Desperately Seeking Susan”. It was there, where Madonna was, that I got squished into a tiny elevator with a hot guy, I would later fall in love with and not see or hear from again, until he found me 25 years later.

@ Michel's NYU Dorm Room

@ Michel’s NYU Dorm Room

NYC back then was the home to Studio 54, The Limelight, CBGB’s, The Underground, The Peppermint Lounge and more. The local news paper was “The Village Voice”. The famous shops were “Trash and Vaudeville” and resale stores with clothes to die for! We visited all of those places.

I went to a concert and saw Ratt, Twisted Sister and my hero at the time, Lita Ford on the Pier. I was wearing purple spandex pants and some jerk put his cigarette out on my leg!

Lita Ford's Guitar and Roadcase

The elevator guy looked like a rock star, he was attending NYU and later became a famous Heavy Metal DJ at L’Amour’s, Michel Gutman, he still has the epic CD collection to prove it! (in 2009, he returned to the states after living in Israel, we lived together for about 9 months in Hot Springs AR, then split, but that’s another story!)

Chrisula and I would get dressed up each weekend to attended the midnight screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s Live performances with the famous guy on the record, Sal. I bought an Adam Ant record at Bleeker Bobs, some purple leather pants at CC Stars and ate Pizza at Ray’s. One day my art teacher (whose name, I can’t remember) was eating something I had never seen before, it was Sushi, she let me try some and I’ve been hooked ever since. She threw a party at her loft apartment in an old dockside factory, we traveled by the Twin Towers and what I think was the Brooklyn Bridge to get there.

I just realize, wow, I still am wearing, at this very moment the black rubber vacuum cleaner o ring bracelet I bought in a store across the street from the famous Electric Lady recording studio built by Jimi Hendrix, where Chrisula Constantine and I were stalking, to get a glimpse of KISS who was allegedly recording there.

I saw the Gay Parade march down 5th Ave and the Statue of Liberty covered in scaffolding as that was the year they did some restoration work on it.

I remember walking down the street one day and someone stopped me to ask where the Empire State Building was, I turned and looked at the skyline and realized I had been living only blocks away, all this time!

I spent the 4th of July on Tar Beach, the roof of our building watching fireworks and the Macy’s parade.

In 1998 I got a 3am motorcycle tour of NYC and rode by the building I once lived in on Union Square, the former lobby had since become a restaurant and was all fixed up. A lot had changed for the better.

The experience of living in New York City for the summer of 1984, was priceless. It was truly one of the best summers of my life. I am sure it was scary for my parents, but I’m glad they let me go. It was an amazing adventure.


15 minutes of fame and still counting…

A year ago I had one of the most epic days of my life. They say everybody gets 15 minutes of fame, but mine has just kept on going. It was completely unexpected and so far exceeded my expectations, it has yet to be topped.
I was anxiously awaiting the release of an interview I had done over the phone with my home town newspaper last May after they found out about my small town girl success and the A List Seamstress I’d become.
I sent a few photos as requested and talked about what I’ve been doing with my life since I left “the burg”.
I was prepared for a center fold in the “entertainment” section as we had discussed. It was supposed to be released over Memorial Day Weekend. I messaged a few friends back home to check the paper for me and after they flipped through it cover to cover, informed me it wasn’t there. I have to admit I was a little disappointed as Memorial weekend came and went.
On Sunday morning, June 2nd, I got the shock of a lifetime when my friend Jeff Gordon (he and I were voted the “most artistic” of Frewsburg NY’s class of 85) messaged me on Facebook with a photo of the front page of Jamestown, NY’s “Post Journal” News Paper. There, I was taking up 1/2 of the front page smoking a Cuban cigar! I didn’t see it in actual print until my Uncle Peter Nalbone gave me the copy somebody had mailed him in Charlotte, NC a few weeks later! I was absolutely shocked! My first thought was “holy crap, I made the front page and didn’t even rob a bank!”
I got literally hundreds of comments, emails, texts, messages and phone calls from all over the place.
To this day, my mom said that when ever she goes back home to visit, people still talk to her about my cigar smoking front page news article!
Working for Sir Paul McCartney was the catalyst that propelled me to the front page, but Sir Paul was followed by an epic year of achievements for me that included: – my first movie costumes for “Hallowed Ground”
– getting into Marilyn Manson’s pants (!)
– custom Stagewear for Dweezil Zappa
– opening a Design House
– sending in an audition tape for Project Runway
– fixing Michael Bublè’s Fly!
– 2 dates with Bruno Mars
– Stagewear for Mick James (of Criss Angel Mind Freak fame) worn in the film “Lost in Darkness”
– my first music video for the film “Rescue Me”
– seamstress for Justin Timberlake
– one of my costume designs landed on the cover model of Encore
– helped my friend Jen get her 5 years dream of a “DoggieSack” prototype factory made
– rocked out as production crew on the “70,000 Tons of Metal” Cruise
– twerking 2 dates with Miley Cyrus
– sewing for Volbeat
– chilling at Rockville where I chatted with Billy Duffy of the Cult about his Stagewear
– teaching sewing to students of all ages
– working with designers on launching their fashion lines
– making Rock Stagewear for a clientele that has now become worldwide
and most recently working for Cher!
This year I have already achieved more of my ginormous goals including landing a part time job at Universal Orlando as a Costume Fabrication Specialist, scoring my first Gig as Costume Designer for the film “The Glades” and continuing to do what I love for a living.
It has been an amazing journey. Everyday I learn and grow. Every opportunity brings new challenges and skills. I strive to make this world a better place by blessing the lives of those who wear the clothes I’ve had the honor and privilege to sew. Each day I remember, thank and honor the grandmother who passed this gift along to me. I am grateful to be this blessed. I am happy to inspire others to greatness. I am happy to be, who I was meant to be. I believe the best is yet to come. Of all the things I have learned in life, it all boils down to this… Believing is seeing. Every thought is a prayer. Good, Bad or Ugly. Make it count. What Would It Take to have everything in your life exceed your expectations and be more than you think you deserve? Why don’t you ask and find out?
It’s never too late to be who you meant to be!


My Rock Star Studded 3 Festival Weekend

Doing what I do for a living, has it’s privileges. (I know I sound like a commercial for American Express, but its true!!) This weekend was no exception. Being able to treat my friends too, makes it even sweeter.

Day 1, My hook up this weekend has been the tour manager for Volbeat for about 3 years now. The first time Jeff G invited me to see them in 2011, I’d never even heard of them, now they are huge and headlining tours all over the world. It has been very exciting to see them evolve as artists.


Me and Jeff G at EDBD 20 2013

This time around they were opening for Avenged Sevenfold, who was the headlining Tampa’s 98 Rockfest. I saw A7X earlier this year in Orlando from the Founder’s Suite at Amway Center, but this was even better with All Access! 


Me at A7X from the Founder’s Suite 2013

Saigon Kick was on the lineup of this show, so I decided to see if my STRUT 80’s Coverband singer friend Lindsey Brown was available, since its one of her favorite 80’s bands and we missed seeing them at a few dates over the last year.

Lindsey's 80's cover band

Lindsey’s 80’s cover band Strut

I also owe her one for inviting me to see Cheap Thrill this past November, where I met the former members of Cinderella

Me with Cheap Thrill Nov 2013

Me with Cheap Thrill Nov 2013

and fixed some Stagewear for Cheeney Brannon the former Drummer for Collective Soul.

Cheney Brannon (former drummer Collective Soul) in the vest I altered

Cheney Brannon (former drummer Collective Soul) in the vest I altered

Lindsey worked half a day, then we rolled out to the show, early afternoon. I asked Jeff if he needed anything sewn and he did have a few things for me to work on.
We arrived around 4, grabbed our tickets, wristbands and headed for the back door security entrance. Lindsey was carrying a heavy leather bag with my sewing machine in it and I had other bags full of scissors, blades and other contraband I was not about to try and walk thru the main entrance!!
As we past the outdoor stage at the Tampa Bay Times Forum, Lacuna Coil was playing and about to be followed by Trivium. Nothing More, Werm, We As Humans and Fozzy also played that stage. Lindsey knew some people from Fozzy, who we ran into in catering.

Here was the indoor stage lineup:98 Rockfest Lineup Tampa, FL

98 Rockfest Lineup Tampa, FL

Finally we get inside and find Jeff in the production office he shared with Chevelle. We grabbed some dinner (prime rib!) while we were waiting for the building to deliver a table I could use to set up my sewing machine.
The indoor arena stage fired up at 5:15. I caught the hit song Heaven Knows by Pretty Reckless, then headed backstage to go about my work.

Lindsey Brown and Me at 98 Rockfest

Lindsey Brown and Me at 98 Rockfest

Volbeat, if you’ve never seen them preform, have a very cool themed stage featuring Sin City style comic book graphics in a greenish gold tone on their backdrop, a graphic screen printed scene all across their backline guitar cabinets and a screen printed drum riser wrap. A few days earlier they ripped an “L” shaped hole smack in the front of the drum riser scene. It had some black gaf tape on the back side of it to keep it from getting worse. I stitched it back together from behind and retaped it to prevent it from coming open again. Here it is after I fixed it:

The Volbeat Screen Printed Drum Riser Wrap I repaired

The Volbeat Screen Printed Drum Riser Wrap I repaired

Then, I became a shoe repair guy and fixed Rob C’s boot. He’s the guitar player for Volbeat formerly of Anthrax. Lindsey took this awesome pic from inside the barricade.

Rob Caggiano of Volbeat

Rob Caggiano of Volbeat

While I was doing this Lindsey went out front to see Saigon Kick. By the time they were done performing, so was I.
Jeff gave us a mission for Volbeat, to go get some combs. Michael Poulson, the singer, has a rockabilly look about him. He likes to whip out a comb on stage, fix his hair, then throw it to the crowd.

Combs for Michael Poulsen of Volbeat he later used and tossed into the crowd

Combs for Michael Poulsen of Volbeat he later used and tossed into the crowd

We drove over to Walgreens, near the venue, grabbed the last two combs they had, some beer and headed back to the venue.

Black Stone Cherry was up next, Black Stone Cherry

Black Stone Cherry

then Chevelle




and Volbeat. Got some great pics.



As Avenged prepared to take the stage the whole backstage area went on lockdown. A7X access only.

Avenged Sevenfold right before they kicked us out of the walkway so it's a bit blurry!!

Avenged Sevenfold right before they kicked us out of the walkway so it’s a bit blurry!!

We scooted out to the floor and watched the show from Front Of House (where they run the show from.) A7X has a pretty epic castle style stage by Gallagher, digital video screen scenes of medieval battle, a massive skeleton “King” prop (that I kept wishing would stand up and walk around!) and blasts of pyro flames you could feel the heat from FOH.

After the show we hung out with Jeff for a while and swapped some backstage gossip.

Lindsey dropped me off at my place and that was the last decent nights sleep I would get for days!!!

Day 2 woke up, dressed and headed from Orlando to Jacksonville. About half way there I got a phone call from Jeff.  He needed me to take care of an urgent matter in Tampa, so I turned around and headed there.
I planned on getting my high school BFF Darlene on the way, but i was running so late, she opted out. This is a pic of Darlene and I at a Hellyeah show Jeff was touring with.

Darlene, Vinnie Paul and Me in Jacksonville Nov 2013

Darlene, Vinnie Paul and Me in Jacksonville Nov 2013

“The Cult” was headlining after Volbeat, so I decided to call my friend Chris to see if he wanted her backstage pass. (Of course he did!) He’s in a Cult tribute band with my other friend Robbie Sinn (former bassist for Flock of Seaguls), they were also on their way to the show.

Cult Revolution

My friends Chris Snow and Robbie Sinn (Flock of Seaguls) with and their Cult tribute band

Six hours later, I arrived in Jacksonville, mission accomplished.
I parked next to their tour bus and arrived in time to see Alter Bridge,  Hellyeah and Volbeat.

I grabbed Chris out of the riff raff and handed him an All Access Pass. If you want to hear about everything Cult related read my other blog and wardrobe interview with Billy Duffy!

Here was the line up for the day and all the artists that were hanging around backstage:

Rockville Day 1

Rockville Day 1

Jeff had to head out with his crew for their next show in Chattanooga, TN.

Me and Jeff at Rockville

Me and Jeff at Rockville

As the night wore on, we partied in the Artist’s Lounge sponsored by 33star. Drinks were free, they had swag, sofas, a game room and it was where all the artists gathered to drink and party for the rest of the night.

It was then I realized the Artist Pass’s Jeff had given me were good for the following day. By 2 am, I was not about to drive back to Orlando. Chris had come up with Robbie and Vanessa from Orlando, so we all decided to go get some breakfast and try to find a hotel room. Because of the 2 day festival it took about 20 phone calls to find a room 15 miles away! Everything else was sold out. By the time we got settled it was 4 am. Between all the snoring, I don’t think I got more than 15 minutes sleep. Agh. Robbie and Vanessa headed back to Orlando while Chris and I headed back to the festival.

Day 3, we arrived early around 1pm. I decided to hit the production trailers for all the bands with business cards to let them know if they needed anything sewn, I would be there all day.

Here was the line up for Rockville Day 2:

Rockville Day 2

Rockville Day 2

On our side was Pretty Reckless, Black Stone Cherry, Theory of a Deadman, Staind and Rob Zombie. I took some pretty cool pics:

Rob Zombie Tech World

Rob Zombie Tech World

Rob Zombie's Epic Mic Stand

Rob Zombie’s Epic Mic Stand


Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie

On the other main stage was Black Label Society, Seether, Five Finger Death Punch And Korn.

Jonathan Davis of Korn

Jonathan Davis of Korn

We met so many of the rock stars this day I lost track. I don’t recognize half of them, so most of the time I didn’t even realize who I was just taking to until later.

Me and Matt from Rev Theory

Me and Matt from Rev Theory

As much as I wanted to drink, as I explained to Chris, if one of these bands calls me to sew something I can’t show up drunk! So I opted on the safe side. For me this was fun but its also business. I can’t afford to have a bad reputation by getting drunk or being anything but professional.

Chris with Rob Zombie's stage in the background

Chris with Rob Zombie’s stage in the background

Chris and I met some girls who were a bit drunk. One was getting molested by some guy to the point that we had to interfere and had the jerk thrown out. She thanked us for having her back and we later have them a ride to their friends house down the road.

Chris with the local arm candy

Chris with arm candy

We made a bunch of friends from Central Florida including these hotties.

Artist Lounge with Smelly Kelly, Heather and Me

Artist Lounge with Smelly Kelly, Heather and Me

I met a pair of girls who had the coolest jobs. They were bar tenders currently working in the Virgin Islands and planning a working bar tending tour trip to Europe next, how cool is that!!

The highlight of my evening was spent talking to Ivan Moody of FFDP. He was grateful to each and every fan who approached him, quite humble and very candid about his personal life and what it’s like in a day of his life as a rock star. He talked about his cat, kids, ex’s (2 of which we met!) and some interesting future plans.

Ivan Moody FFDP

Ivan Moody FFDP

In a bizarre twist of fate, I met my new best friend and future rock star Zakk DuBois drummer/guitar player/singer for hire, who was inspired and forever changed by the intense conversation we had with Ivan. His best advise to Zakk was to be careful what you wish for and be prepared to give up having a normal life if you truly want to be a rock star. Ivan said to spend most of your time listening and then speak loudest thru your songs. If you want to know me “Over and Under” is the best song I ever wrote.
In between intense conversations were also the ridiculous ones. Zakk and I became random facebook friends in Oct of 2013 and had no other friends in common. We met at Rockville and realized we were already friends on facebook. That was a trip!!!

Zakk Dubois and I met at Rockville after becoming random friends on facebook months earlier. Neither one of us knew the other would be there.

Zakk Dubois and I met at Rockville after becoming random friends on facebook months earlier. Neither one of us knew the other would be there.

I witnessed an epic groupie move I only thought happened in the movies. A silicon injected brunette solicited one particular rock star and basically offered herself to him in very explicit terms, in front of everyone. I was embarrassed for her and impressed with how politely he declined.

Chris and I at Rockville Day 2

Chris and I at Rockville Day 2

I spent some time taking to the members of Lacuna Coil. Christina was especially friendly. I met Justin Chancellor of Tool, who lives in Florida and was there hanging out with LC. That was exciting because they were about to play a show in South Florida with my stagewear clients Ornimental.

Lacuna Coil with my clients Ornimental opening

Lacuna Coil with my clients Ornimental opening

It was an amazing weekend for me and as usual exceeded my expectations ad was more than I think I deserve. I wonder what will be next to top this?

Stay Metal My Friends!!

Gina Vincenza Van Epps
A List Wardrobe Seamstress, Stage Wear, Costume & Couture Design & Fabrication